Trip Trace

alpha 0.2

Geolocalize the photos of your trips and comment the places



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Trip Trace is a lite and useful tool that allows you to geolocalize all the photos you have taken during your last travel and save some comments about the photos or the travel itself.

The first step when you run Trip Trae is to create a trip, enter the duration, the places you visited and a name to identify it. The following step is the one we like and why we have decided to download and install it: geolocalize your photos, I mean, choose each photo and place them in the map.

Once you have placed them in the map, you'll be able to comment the place or move the photo to a more exact point. It's a marvellous way not to forget the places and names of what you have visited.

In short, is like having your own Panoramio in your PC.

It requires Java 2 Runtime Environment.

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